About Gemini

At Gemini we take pride in being the source for custom made shirts and apparel. The following are a few of the industries we have served: Fishing, Bowling, Baseball, Softball, Nascar, Shooting, Golfing, Bull Fighting, Paintball, Curling, Motocross, and Hunting.

Client Map

G2 Client Map

We are located in northern Minnesota (U.S.A.) and we currently have multiple clients in each of the following countries: Brazil, Japan, South Africa, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia, Czech Republic, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, Italy, U.K., Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Hungary, Germany, Estonia, Bellarus, Austria, Namibia, Australia, Iraq, and Taiwan – not to mention the United States!

We are known worldwide for our outstanding customer service and we take great care to live up to this reputation. Choose Gemini Custom Apparel for your next apparel order and we guarantee the experience will surpass your expectations.